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Unuverse is a guild or DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that redirects resources for impact investments, using technological and social advancements to pool intelligence. Their community-driven collection of 3333 IMPACT NFTs portrays the most valuable species of the animal kingdom, each of them representing a productive piece of biodiversity. The Unuverse was created guided by the aim to help people deepen their understanding of biodiversity and how the world depends on it. The project is associated with meaningful real-world environmental causes combined with modern technologies that can be used to protect our planet.


After the spark of the idea, Universe’s creators realized that its identity in the metaverse depended on making the project stand out against the many competitors and business models that have been trying out Web3 technologies as a means to showcase what they have to offer. Between Collective partnered with Unuverse at the very beginning of its journey and committed to creating a modern visual identity to help kick off the business the in the online world. We got the mission to create and design all the details of how Unuverse presents itself on different social media platforms, always respecting the needs of each public and the expected outcomes for each channel the brand wanted to invest in to start building a recognizable name. As we developed the creative strategies to ensure Unuverse starts a path of a strong presence in the NFT market, we put together all the necessary appeals to showcase a multifaceted, technological, and environmentally conscious project.


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